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How long have you been doing this?

Our passion for media production ignited in 2008, and the birth of Agape Love Films took place in April 2023. Although our company is newly established, we bring over a decade of experience and dedication to our craft.

How would you describe your work?

We have a deep appreciation for documentary-style photography, aiming to capture you in your natural element, embracing genuine moments. Although we do incorporate some posed shots, our primary approach is rooted in the principles of photojournalism, allowing us to seize those fleeting moments as they unfold.

Our goal is to craft images that exude a cinematic quality, and radiate intimacy, warmth, authenticity, emotion, and a dreamlike aura, all while maintaining a lush and luminous aesthetic.

Where are you based? Do you travel?

We’re based in Toronto, Canada, but we’re open to travel.

Can we have a conversation before making our booking?

Certainly! We understand the significance of connecting with your photographer. Comfort is key, and although we’re confident in our ability to establish a great rapport on the day of, if you’d like to connect beforehand, we’re more than happy to arrange a phone call or a virtual video chat. Your comfort and confidence are our top priorities.

When is our date officially reserved with you?

After your retainer is paid and your contract is signed, your date becomes exclusively reserved just for you. To secure your session date, a non-refundable deposit is necessary. Please be aware that we operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and we regretfully cannot reserve dates until the booking is fully confirmed.

What happens if we need to reschedule?

We recognize that unforeseen circumstances may arise. In such instances, we are more than willing to work together to identify an alternative date that suits both parties. Our contracts encompass a dedicated section addressing rescheduling and postponements, emphasizing transparency and clarity in such scenarios.

Do your packages include a second shooter?

All of our packages includes only one photographer. A second shooter will be an extra add-on.

What time of day is best for lighting?

We love to plan our outdoor photoshoots around the magical moments of sunrise and sunset, during the golden hour when the light is simply enchanting. If you opt for an indoor shoot, we recommend selecting a location with ample open windows and abundant natural light.

I want to shoot in a studio. Do you have one?

Regrettably, we currently do not operate our own studio. However, we are more than willing to arrange studio time for our clients and conduct the photoshoot there upon request. Our preference is to shoot at outdoor parks within the GTA, as this is a more cost-effective option compared to studio sessions, which would incur an additional fee.

Can you help me choose a location?

Absolutely, we can provide recommendations, and you’ll find a comprehensive location guide on our website. However, we encourage you to consider locations that hold personal significance for you. Think about places in the city that are close to your heart – the park where you spend your weekends, the spot where you first crossed paths, your cherished family hangout, your favorite store, your home, or even the location of your first date. Choosing a place with sentimental value can breathe life into your photos in ways beyond imagination. While we can suggest numerous scenic locations for photoshoots in the GTA, including indoor studios for an additional fee, start by thinking about a place that holds a special place in your heart.

What should we wear?

When it comes to your outfit choice, your comfort should be the top priority. However, it’s also wise to consider the appropriateness of your clothing for the location of your shoot. For instance, if we’re in a grassy area, be mindful of potential mud, and avoid white shoes or heels that may sink into the grass.

If you’re part of a couple or a group, think about coordinating your outfits by matching color tones or opting for complementary hues. Alternatively, sticking to neutral and earthy tones always yields stunning results. Your clothing is an essential element in the story we’re crafting through each photograph, so choose attire that holds personal significance to you!

Help! I'm not the most comfortable in front of the camera, and I'm not a fan of posing.

Honestly, you’re not alone! We totally get it. But fear not, we’re here to help you radiate confidence during your photoshoot. It all begins with wearing an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident, so you can be your authentic self.

While we can certainly provide guidance on posing, we genuinely prefer a more relaxed and candid approach. Don’t be surprised if we capture you strolling down a scenic trail, engaged in heartfelt conversation with your significant other, or sharing a genuine laugh. Those candid moments are what we cherish most and love to capture!

Can we bring our pet to a photo session?

Absolutely! We offer pet and pet parent sessions, with a primary focus on our beloved doggos. To ensure a safe and successful session, please make sure your pet is up-to-date on all vaccinations, comfortable with being on a leash, and responsive to basic commands such as sit and come. We look forward to capturing your furry friend’s unique personality and your special bond.

Can I receive the unedited photos?

No, we do not provide unedited images. We hold the belief that a significant aspect of photography’s allure lies in the meticulous process of photo editing. Raw photos do not encapsulate the final product we deliver to you. Similar to how film photography necessitates processing, digital photography undergoes its own artistic refinement. For us, this is an art form, and we take immense pride in sharing only those photos that have undergone careful color grading and editing to showcase the very best of you in every frame.

Do you retouch photos?

In “The Mini Session Experience” package, you’ll receive 3 meticulously retouched images, and the “The Standard Session Experience” package comes with 10 retouched images. It’s important to mention that our approach to retouching is delicate, mainly focused on refining skin texture and addressing minor blemishes. However, we firmly stand by the idea of embracing your natural beauty as it shines through our lens, valuing authenticity above all else.

What's your turn around time?

For “The Mini Session Experience” and “The Standard Session Experience” packages, you can expect your photos within 2 weeks. If you’ve chosen “The Small Wedding & Events Experience,” please allow up to 4 weeks for your images to be ready.


How will I get my photos?

Your photos will be conveniently delivered through a user-friendly photo gallery system, enabling you to effortlessly view and download all of your professionally edited high-resolution images.