It’s not often that I get the opportunity to work with people who want to do a just-for-fun shoot, but when Sarah approached me with the idea of capturing her passion for rollerskating, I was thrilled. Rollerskating, cherry blossoms, and tulips – what a perfect combination for a photography session!

We decided to shoot at High Park, where the cherry blossom and tulip season was in full swing. The vibrant colors and delicate petals provided a stunning backdrop for Sarah’s photos. The challenge, however, was to ensure that the florals did not overpower her and steal the focus from her hobby.

To achieve this, I strategically positioned Sarah amidst the blooming flowers. In some shots, she posed among the tulips. In others, she gracefully rolled through the park. The goal was to capture her in her element, with the flowers enhancing rather than overpowering her presence.

I wanted to create a good mix of close-up portrait shots and wider shots that showcased her rollerskating in action. The goal was to blend posed and candid shots to fully capture her personality and passion. For the individual portraits, I made use of natural light filtering through the trees, creating a soft and flattering glow on her face. I also experimented with different angles and compositions, ensuring that each shot was unique and showcased a different aspect of her personality.

Until the next adventure, happy shooting!